Connect your projects to our world class print on-demand services with one of our Print APIs

An API For Any Size Business

Whether you’re a small business needing reliable, on-demand printing with no minimums or a large business looking to scale, we’ve built two API options that meet your printing and shipping needs. With both our self-service and custom API, your customers’ print requests go directly to our RPI print locations then we drop-ship directly to your customer’s address.

Self Service API

With standardized products, quick set-up, and low complexity, this self-service API integrates with your ecommerce site without fees, volume requirements, or complex configurations. It combines powerful printing, shipping, and order-fulfillment infrastructure with an API that’s RESTful, over HTTPS, and JSON/XML formatted. Currently available for US shipping only.

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Custom API

For scaling businesses with customized product requirements, large order volumes, and global needs, this custom API gives you the highest level of flexibility. It enables large-scale print production for enterprises that sell their printed products online to customers globally.

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Working With Us

Your Brand at the Forefront

Your company’s brand, ecommerce platform, and design shine through every project your customer prints. With our custom API, we can also provide services like custom labeling and packaging to further enhance your brand.

Professional-quality Print Products

From beautifully bound photo books to wall calendars and greeting cards, your products will have a premium look and feel with the latest in digital print technologies and the highest quality paper and binding materials.

Global Network for Scaled Printing & Shipping*

Get your print products into your customers hands quickly and without hassle. Using RPI’s cloud-based print network, orders print in the most cost-effective location to reduce turnaround times, carbon footprint, and shipping costs.

*Self Service API is available in the U.S. only

Premium Customer Support

Give your customers top-notch service and satisfaction by letting us oversee orders and provide customer support when needed.

How Our APIs Compare

Self Service API

Custom API

No monthly service fees Variable monthly service fees
Standard product selection Standard and custom product selection
No minimum volume Required minimum volume
Shipping within USA Global shipping
Manufacturing within USA Global manufacturing
Standard shipping options Standard and custom shipping options
5-day SLA Custom SLA

Success Stories


StoryWorth prints family stories in Blurb’s standard tradebook format. Each week for a year, StoryWorth emails their customers an inspiring question about their lives. They reply with a story, and using our Custom API, StoryWorth prints the collection of stories in a beautiful, bookstore-quality book.

We Can Books

As seen in LA Parent Magazine, We Can Books helps parents and grandparents of children aged 3-5 deliver an effective head start on reading skills through a blend of their phonics system and photos taken from the young reader’s own world. Using Blurbs new Self Service API, We Can Books gives users the ability to create heirloom-quality, one-of-a-kind books that children will want to open again and again.