Innovating Digital Print-On-Demand Since 2005

In the years following its founding, Blurb became the global leader in self-published books. Over a million unique books were designed on the platform in 2009. To keep up as its partner, RPI scaled up and optimized the production process for Blurb’s rapidly growing demand and expanding product lines.

Blurb’s business model was diversified into three product categories: consumer photo books, self-publishing, and B2B marketing. New creation tools were developed to accommodate the needs of their customers, ranging from everyday social media users to writers and other creative professionals. New products, premium paper options, hardcover linens, and endsheets were added to Blurb’s portfolio.

Blurb and RPI joined forces multiple times to explore new opportunities, implement sustainable IT integration, introduce new products, and ensure a seamless production system. Over 20 million photo books have been designed and sold via Blurb since 2005 – most are produced by RPI in our global facilities.

This long-standing partnership culminated in 2020 with RPI’s acquisition of Blurb. It was a strategic move for both companies; Blurb lasered in on the innovation of their world-class creation tools and product offerings, while RPI continued its journey to becoming a global leader in personalized print solutions. Both companies continue to lead, personalize, and connect with clients through evolving opportunities in the digital print-on-demand market.