RPI Quality Assurance

As a print partner, RPI is fully responsible for the production and delivery of the print products that consumers design through the platforms of our clients. The products we make are deeply personal objects, so we take this responsibility very seriously.

We understand that the production and delivery of wedding invitations or birthday cards are extremely time-sensitive. We can also imagine the damage a misdelivered photo book with intimate memories can cause to the customer experience.

Our facilities produce and ship thousands of photo books, cards, invitations, and wall decor daily. The procedures and measures we have developed and implemented in our production flow minimize the room for error and allow us to detect and correct errors before the product is shipped. Consequently, we maintain the quality and speed regardless of the volume our print facilities receive.

Barcode Driven Production

A scan of a barcode corresponds to a stage of production, so the information in our system is an exact reflection of the production process. The system registers irregularities in the flow and allows us to take immediate action.

Barcodes are also essential to match book blocks with the correct covers or to complete multi-item orders before shipping.

Most importantly, however, our barcodes are removable, so we leave no trace of the production process on the final product sent to the consumer.

Barcode Driven Production


Batching is crucial to keep production efficient, but, at the same time, it reduces the risk of print errors. Every change of printer settings creates an opportunity for problems. By keeping the manual adjustments and changes to the necessary minimum, we print faster, better, and more efficiently.

Quality checks

Quality control is implemented in our production flow, which means that every single product that we make undergoes multiple manual quality checks.

Print quality check Print operators check the batches they print for color, smudges, lines, and other typical issues. They also check if all the files from the batch are printed.
Intermediate quality checks At every stage within the flow, the operator takes responsibility and checks the quality of their job. As we are a print company, our procedures and quality standards are printed out and available at every stage of the production.
Final product quality control A comprehensive check before shipping ensures that the product has no quality issues. With the final scan of the barcode before shipping, a thumbnail of the product is displayed on the screen. It allows us to make sure that the order data corresponds to the actual product.
Pre-shipping check To prevent shipping incomplete multi-item orders, the barcode on each item of the order has to be scanned into the system. Additionally, all items have to be counted manually and the number entered into the system. If the number is correct, the order can be shipped.
Print quality square
Thumbnail square
Final quality check square

Visual management

We make sure that the crucial information is visible and accessible at all times. The order forms we use at RPI are a reflection of how we apply visual checks and ensure both system and manual checks. Our orders are color-coded by their shipping day. This way we can actually see if all the orders for the day have been shipped.
Other information includes the type of order, color and location of the end sheets, thumbnails of the cover and first page, the number of books within an order, and much more. All this information allows us to keep track of the quality at every step of the process.

Visual management

Philosophy of constant improvement

Operational excellence is the goal we strive for. The philosophy of constant improvement is ingrained in our culture and defines our goals. We keep track and analyze our internal performance as well as external complaints to identify points of improvement and come up with practical and efficient solutions. As our product portfolio expands, we make sure that every product and every flow meets RPI standards. It is not something we do ad hoc but in a structured, systematic, and global process.

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