Global Solutions for digital personalized printing

Making real connections is at the core of everything that RPI does. Over the last decade, strategic partnerships have allowed RPI to expand our product offerings and develop global distribution possibilities. We created a network of smart, capable printing and manufacturing companies to connect our customers to a wide assortment of first-rate personalized print products on a global scale.


Global Reach

RPI empowers your business to offer personalized print products to customers around the world.

Local Production and Delivery

The products of our clients are produced and shipped in a sustainable and efficient way. The highest quality producers around the world deliver personalized products in just a few days from the time of order.

One integration

Our patented, proprietary order software, Universal Order Service (UOS), can accept an order from a customer and route it to any of our RPI partner facilities across the globe.

Product Diversity

At RPI, we make it easy to connect to any of the partners so our customers can expand their product offerings. We have partnered with best-in-class manufacturing experts in a number of personalized product categories to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Our Print Partners

At RPI, we strive to exceed industry-level standards in quality. For our prInternet Distribution Network, we chose print partners that not only maintain the same standards but, most importantly, share our mission and values. Within our quality assurance process, we conduct measurements using periodic sample audits and connect with each partner for regular review sessions.

3 types of prInternet Facilities

The type of partnership and print capabilities of each facility determines the complexity of implementing a customer product at a given print partner of RPI. However, no matter how simple or complicated the process, RPI will handle the implementation and ensure the quality and level of service consistent with RPI standards.

RPI Locations

RPI owns 4 print facilities in the US and Europe: Seattle, Atlanta, Rochester, and Eindhoven. A business connected to any of the four facilities has instant access to the print capabilities of the other three.

Print Partners

Facilities that already have a working relationship with RPI. We chose them to produce products that RPI does not have in its portfolio or due to their geographical location. Every implementation is a separate process depending on the product requested by the client.

Potential Print Partners

Facilities chosen based on their unique print capabilities and geographical location. At RPI, we keep track of trends within industry and choose partners that can offer our clients a competitive edge.

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