RPI Publisher Access

Print management for publishers

RPI Publisher Access is an innovative solution that enables Independent Publishers to improve efficiencies and costs by providing access to RPI’s extensive Print-on-Demand platform.

Maximize Publishing With Publisher Access

Publisher Access is a web-to-print platform that offers publishers instant access to a wide range of popular printing technologies at different price points. With a unique pricing engine, publishers can manage front and back list titles by optimizing print runs and therefore improving efficiencies, cashflow, waste and more.

Key Features of Publisher Access

Catalog: front and backlist titles are stored in the cloud and always ready to print

Preflight: uploaded titles must pass a stringent preflight process with easy steps to create physical proofs

Pricing Engine: unique tool allows publishers to make fast and intelligent decisions about print runs

Print Technologies: access to all print needs from inkjet, to toner and offset

Platform Benefits

Publisher Access provides the tools to fulfill book orders with as little as a few clicks and a smart and secure web portal.

  • Zero Inventory Print On-Demand Print only what you need when you need it to improve cash flow and cut costs. Your back list or select front list titles can be uploaded to our platform, so that they are always available to print on demand at the targeted quantities.
  • New Market Short Runs Our print-on-demand services make it easy to improve your time to market, test new markets, zero out inventory, personalize, try new covers, leverage back list titles to increase business, and other flexible ways to refine your publishing business.
  • Multitude of Print Technologies We offer the widest selection of print technologies to get the job done, from long run offset to book-of-one and every possible combination in between. New inkjet print platforms offer trade books-on-demand at highly competitive prices, while high-quality Electroink technology provides offset quality digitally printing photography and coffee table books.

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Customer Story

Tokyopop,  an American distributor, licensor and publisher of anime, manga, manhwa and Western manga-style works, uses RPI Print Publisher Services to manage their backlist titles to an efficient print-on-demand, zero inventory, just-in-time manufacturing model. As bookstore inventory drops, orders are placed with RPI’s Publisher Access triggering a print and distribute event to the distributor or warehouse with an efficient 2 week turnaround time.

Getting Started is simple

  1. Contact Customer Support to set up an account
  2. Upload titles one by one or through a bulk upload feature. 
  3. Built in pre-flight, proofing processes, and sophisticated pricing tools allow you to manage your Catalog.
  4. titles can be printed on demand in as few as 1 copy. Bulk orders can be distributed to PRH, Simon & Schuster, IPG, etc. or shipped directly to any address. Offset quantities are managed through our Customer Support team.