Sustainability Checklist

On June 22, Bjorn van Hamond, Supply Chain and Innovation Manager at RPI, participated in an online conference, Visual 1st Spotlight on Sustainability, to talk about RPI's sustainability projects and get inspired by other presenters representing companies across the print industry supply chain.

While each presentation differed in detail, the paths to carbon neutrality the companies have chosen proved consistent, offering practical steps that companies can and should take to become more sustainable.

The list below is a combination of our own experience and the insights gained during the conference.

The Sense of Urgency

The sense of urgency emphasized by Lina Anderson, CEO of OnceUpon, and the practical approach recurrent in each presentation make it clear that sustainability is no longer about declarations and ambitions but about action. There are things to do.

The Sense of Urgency

Know your carbon footprint

Identify the sources of your CO2 emissions, launch projects to reduce them, and measure the impact of your actions.

Streamline your processes

Regularly re-evaluate your processes to identify opportunities to save energy, resources, and reduce waste.

Make your product greener

Remove non-biodegradable or non-recyclable elements from your product or replace them with sustainable alternatives. Eliminate single-use plastic from packaging where possible. Keep an eye on innovation and changing consumer preferences. What is not possible today can be standard practice tomorrow.

Get Certified

Certification programs support businesses in the transition to sustainable practices in a systematic structural way. Applying for certification provides the incentive, tools, and strategies needed for a meaningful change.

Switch to renewable energy

Companies will always need energy to run a business. To reduce the related CO2 emissions, find and connect to green energy providers.


Get involved in projects designed to offset your CO2 emissions, conserve the environment, maintain biodiversity, or support local communities.

Rethink growth

Increase the value instead of volume. Encourage conscious consumption by offering a high-quality product that lasts.

Inspire others

Involve your clients, partners, suppliers, and employees. Facilitate their participation in the sustainability effort for the best results.

Ongoing commitment

At RPI, the items on the list represent an ongoing, long-term commitment to sustainability. Even though we have already made positive steps and are constantly working on improving our production process, we are not crossing anything off the list yet.

Our Commitment to Sustainability
Ongoing commitment

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