Innovation in print - our lessons from Virtual Drupa Expert Panel

Manage Data as Others Don’t, a Virtual Drupa Expert Panel, took place on Wednesday, 21 April 2021. At the event, we met representatives of three printing companies whose ability to manage data and tasks in design, preparation, production, and logistics enabled to meet complex requirements and set them apart from their competitors.*

We are proud that the organizer, Lorenzo Villa, the founder of Density, invited our CEO, Rick Bellamy, to discuss the subject with Riccardo Pesce, the CEO of PRT, and Giuseppe Prioriello, the founder and CEO of Packly.

We followed the discussion closely and realized that innovation in the print-on-demand industry is not only about machines or data-driven solutions.

RPI, PRT, and Packly offer unique data-driven solutions to meet specific customer needs in various segments of the print-on-demand market. But they also share one ambition: to be print partners, not just print suppliers. And that ambition is at the core of their success.

We want to share our lessons from the panel expert. As Rick Bellamy said during the panel, we hope to create a bit of a spark so that people can think about their businesses differently.

A small disclaimer: The information about PRT and Packly in this article includes only what we have learned from the expert panel. For more reliable information about their services, please visit their respective websites.

Lesson 1: The goals of your clients are your goals

Successful print companies do not have all the solutions, but their solutions are tailored specifically to the businesses they serve. RPI, PRT, and Packly prove that understanding the goals and challenges of their client base leads to innovations that give these three printing companies a significant competitive edge.

Make real connections through personalized print products

Making real connections is at the heart of RPI's purpose. We cooperate with businesses whose primary goal is to connect with their customers through personalized print. Our clients - companies that offer personalized print products, creative professionals, or businesses using print as a marketing solution - want to engage their customers around the world through a unique high-quality product delivered within a couple of days from order. We make that possible.

Transform printed documents into touchpoints with customers

PRT, a print company from Turin, Italy, operates, as its CEO, Riccardo Pesce, admits, in a tough market. The company offers comprehensive business communication services to corporations, banks, insurance companies, and administration. Such clients require high volume customized printing with extremely short delivery times. Ultimately, however, their goal is to engage, inform, or convince the customer. PRT leverages a century of experience in print to meet all these challenges.

Help businesses grow their brand through custom packaging

Packly, a young and ambitious company from Campochiaro in Italy, founded by Giuseppe Prioriello in 2014, is about to revolutionize access to custom packaging. While custom packaging has recently become a must, it remained a complex and costly process. The cutting-edge solutions that Packly developed allow practically any business or person to design and produce their packaging.

Lesson 2: Print is the foundation, but the solution lies beyond.

Equipment remains at the core of the printing business and defines the base capabilities of a print company. However, data management and IT solutions allow this equipment to reach its full potential. It is what makes the difference between a good and extraordinary customer experience.

Full integration, flow automation, and prInternet

For RPI, hardware is crucial from the personalization perspective. Machines and printers produce a wide variety of highly personalized print products. However, the efficiency of production depends on the process rather than machinery. Full integration of our system with a client's platform allows for an automated production process and ensures the delivery of a unique quality product within a few days from order. Additionally, a global network of RPI’s and partner facilities, prInternet, gives RPI’s clients global reach while producing and shipping locally. Our system automatically routes the digital order to the most suitable facility.

Smart Document and a data dashboard

For PRT, the ability to process, print, envelope, and deliver client communications to customers within as little as 12 hours is crucial. The company invests in equipment to keep up with the increasing demands. However, PRT does not focus on speed and volume exclusively. Their solutions empower their clients to engage with customers through multiple channels, digital and printed. Their system tracks the opening and engagement rates and offers these insights back to the clients.

A powerful design platform

Packly admits that their service would not be possible without the technology they developed together with HP. But what makes their business truly unique is a web platform that enables everyone to design customized packaging and get it printed. The platform creates a dieline based on provided measurements and simulates the 3d preview of the uploaded design. The customers get a direct quote and can print one copy that will be shipped directly to them.

Lesson 3: Make it simple

Rick Bellamy notes that technology is the key to everything we do. But if we do our job properly, it remains invisible. Success is not defined by the complexity of the problem or the sophistication of the solution. The goal is to make it easy for the client, to offer the benefits without effort, and to provide a frictionless customer experience. Companies like RPI, PRT, and Packly are the back-end for their clients: invisible, but essential. We harness the power of personalized print for our clients to benefit from.

We want to thank Riccardo and Giuseppe for sharing their stories with us. Even though data brought us together, we have so much more in common. We listen to our clients. We leverage our expertise to provide simple solutions to their complex problems, and we are equally excited about the opportunities within the print-on-demand industry.

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