Follow up congress Connecting the Dots, Paul Adriaans: "Dare to leave the standard path"

by Alex Art | October 17, 2019

The decision to go for personalization has been a golden one for us, says Paul Adriaans. Innovation is mainly a matter of dare , according to the Executive Vice President of RPI Europe Paul Adriaans

The origins of RPI are in the US, where it also has several branches, including a new company in Rochester. The digital printing company has around 400 employees and an annual turnover of 100 million euros. The clients are corporates, retail specialty (including Blurb), traditional retail (Hema) and online platforms (Hello Print).

Paul Adriaans' career took place outside the graphics industry until 2008, that’s why he was able to get a fresh look at RPI. He shared with the public his experiences with the rigorous adaptations of his organization. “Whether you work in the hospitality industry, in the plastics industry or in the graphic sector, everywhere you here that developments are going at ‘lightning speed’. We have stepped into almost every possible pitfall and we have learned a lot from it. ”

RPI decided that personalization of printed products is the best way to deal with changing consumer behavior and changes in the market. “We have looked at how we to be innovative; to make something that is difficult easy. We started with a typical family business. The idea was to turn it into a company where you can finish unique copies of books in one stream - large, small, thick, thin, hard cover, paperback, image wrap and different covers. If you do that in a controlled process with measuring points and continuous data collection, that makes me excited. ”

He showed the end result in a short video: a well-oiled factory in which a large number of operations were brought together extremely efficiently. “I can see in my office if someone in line 3 is doing something wrong and if the productivity is up to speed. The KPIs and SLAs are indicated by colors - pink on Tuesday means bad things. "

Adriaans' conclusion: “We have learned that you should not be afraid. Dare to leave the standard path, but do not go on multiple non-standard paths at the same time. "

Watch the presentation of Paul Adriaans at The Congress - Connecting the dots!