RPI’S Global Distribution Platform

Establishing a world-class operation

What is the Global Distribution Platform?

In simple terms, it is the framework for a global network of seemingly infinite print-on-demand possibilities. Over the last decade, strategic partnerships have allowed RPI to expand our product offerings to our customers while focusing on our core competencies for print on demand digital print manufacturing.

These partnerships allow RPI the ability to scale to meet growing customer demand and complexity while managing the need to add more equipment and investment in capital expenditures. This allows us to create a network of smart, capable printing and manufacturing companies to connect you to a wide assortment of first rate products.

3 types of Global Distribution Network Partners

  • Geographic Advantage

    We know that the e-commerce world is constantly changing more rapidly than ever before. And we know that there is increasing pressure from the end user to expect to receive their online purchases quickly. This is why RPI has expanded our platform with partners in key strategic areas of the globe to help give you the upper hand for an efficient and cost-effective delivery time for your customer.

  • Peak Season Overflow

    Through our Global Distribution Platform, we are now in position to turn seasonality into a competitive advantage. By signing on partners who are able to manufacture the same products and deliver the same services that we do today, RPI can scale rapidly to meet your demands!

  • New Products

    Instead of our customers taking the time, energy and resources to take on multiple integrations with a number of companies, RPI’s network of partners allows you to expand your product offering and increase sales – all through the single point of RPI integration. RPI has partnered with best-in-class manufacturing experts in a number of personalized product categories to enable our customers a fast track to success.

5 reasons

To utilize RPI’s Global Distribution Platform

Relationships Matter

The principal element in any partnership is building a foundation of trust. And for that reason, relationship building is mission critical to us. For a vendor/partner relationship to go well, the relationship needs to be nurtured and cared for in a constant cycle. We don’t just partner with anyone, we seek out companies that have a shared vision & culture. Other competition networks place price and product as higher priorities over relationships. We assure that there is cultural alignment before qualifying a partner, and then we work to build a stronger relationship over time. This is vital in our process to ensure that our customers can experience a similar overall experience to one of our own facilities when they tour one of our partner network facilities.

Industry Leading Quality

At RPI, we strive to exceed industry level standards in quality. With our Global Distribution Network we ensure that this same standard is followed by our partners. As part of our quality assurance process, we strive for constant measurement, using periodic sample audits. We meet routinely with each partner during partnership review sessions and review these metrics with them and work with each partner to meet or exceed standard KPI metrics for defects.

Competitive Pricing Model

We know that price matters, and we work hard to obtain the best price, so you don’t have to. We are able to negotiate lower costs with our partner network because RPI is able to leverage our entire network to increase our buying power. The more customers we add to this network, the more price advantageous and competitive is the price offering.

World-class Technology Platform

Our patented, proprietary order software, Universal Order Service (UOS), can accept an order from a customer and route it to any of our RPI partner facilities across the globe. This helps to provide a seamless integration to our customers, serving as a connection to endless capabilities, scale, and distribution.

Product Diversity

We have assembled a diverse, cross-functional product innovation team at RPI that works hard to spot trends within and outside our industry. At RPI, we make it easy to connect to any of the partners and products so our customers can expand their product offering and increase sales!