Personalized print and production in practice

Our clients trust us with printing, finishing, and shipping thousands of personalized print products every day. The automated flow solution is the foundation of that trust. The structured and monitored process ensures consistent quality and production times offering our clients a simple solution for all their printing needs with full insight into the status of every order.

Additionally, it is a source of knowledge about our production capacities. At RPI, we know exactly what promises we can make to our clients. We make them with confidence, and we keep them consistently.


Production flow of personalized print products

Our current product portfolio consists of thousands of products. The level of customization requires a certain amount of manual processing. All the tasks are incorporated in our production flow and assisted by the information in our system. At RPI, we work with barcodes and scanners to ensure the consistent pace of production, minimize mistakes, and track the product during the production process.

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