Big Brands on the Menu - Menuez and print personalization in the B2B environment

In 2010, Red Bull had an energizing idea. The company wanted to put its logo on every menu in the Netherlands. The GM of Red Bull in the Netherlands approached Gijs Verbaten, then freelancer at Red Bull, to ask about a company specializing in tailored menus. Gijs offered to start one for him, and named it Menuez International.

Twelve years later, Menuez works with more than fifty corporate clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Canada, and the US. Menuez ensures the local presence of its brands not only on personalized menus, cards, and posters but also through a variety of POS items such as clothing and furniture, and online marketing. The company has grown from a print-on-demand service to a Brand Management Platform, which allows companies in a range of industries to create, distribute and manage their local advertising.

RPI came into the picture in 2012, when Menuez expanded their product offering beyond print and was looking for a partner that, in addition to providing quality printing, also assembles and ships more complex orders.

From books to Menuez

A friend of mine suggested contacting RPI. He said that they make personalized books. A book consists of a cover and a block, and if you mess them up, you have a huge issue. I got in touch with Paul Sanders, who showed me around the factory.

Gijs Verbaten, founder and GM of Menuez

Dynamic Cooperation since 2012

We are proud of the partnership we have with Menuez. The cooperation is focused on finding optimal solutions linked to Menuez's incredible growth. We asked Gijs Verbaten to tell us more about the company and the experience with RPI.

The Success Story of Menuez

Our clients like the ease of organizing all of their local marketing in one place, and are delighted by our personal attention and service.

Gijs Verbaten

The Success Story of Menuez

Custom local marketing

The Brand Marketing Platform developed by Menuez allows companies to organize all of their marketing pieces in one place and personalize them for each local outlet.

Whether it’s a menu, a digital banner, or a set of branded glasses, every item is personalized and sent to the right local outlet.

But the platform also benefits the individual outlet owners by offering a convenient and affordable solution for professionally designed, high-quality menus, price lists, appointment cards, special deals, and other promotional items.

Combi Deal with RPI

In 2012, Coca-Cola asked Menuez to provide Dutch snack bars across the country with promotional material for Combi Deals: a deal offering a Coca-Cola drink and a snack chosen from the restaurant menu for a special price. At the time, this was a new and more complex product for Menuez. A Combi Deal order would consist of a poster or a leaflet personalized per outlet, a wobbler, and a sticker. The company needed a partner to handle not only the print element but also to assemble the items and ship the complete order to the right outlet.

Military process

All orders are more or less the same, with only minor differences between them, but it is crucial for us that every order is fulfilled correctly at once. It must be done in a disciplined way, like a military process. That is why RPI is a great partner for us.

Gijs Verbaten

Print, pick, pack, and ship

Due to the scope of the product offering, Menuez relies on multiple partners, each with its own strength. For the last decade, RPI has been the go-to partner for orders consisting of quality print items and a variety of promotional merchandise. Thanks to our management system and warehousing capabilities, we print the menus, cards, and posters, pick additional items – be it a coffee mug, a set of glasses, or a beer opener – pack them, and ship them to individual outlets. Our system is integrated with the Menuez Brand Marketing Platform, so every order is submitted and fulfilled automatically.

Future Ambitions

Menuez has achieved rapid growth, and future growth remains its main ambition. The company is stepping up marketing efforts to attract new corporate clients, fast-moving consumer goods producers and franchise organizations. At the same time, they constantly work to expand and diversify their product offering. Geographical growth has already started with hyperlocal digital marketing in North America. Local print advertising is bound to follow.

Exciting opportunity

Increasing market share in Canada and the US through print material is an opportunity that our international corporate clients are very enthusiastic about. So I asked Paul to explore the possibility of a connection with RPI US. We have just started, but it is a positive flow.

Gijs Verbaten

Exciting opportunity