From dream to mission

Once upon a time there were 4 young guys with a dream. They agreed that ordering printing products should be cheaper, easier and faster. Bringing along years of experience as owners of Drukzo, they chose to start a new business in 2013. Helloprint was born.

Rapid growth

Since the start, the Rotterdam based company has matured into an established international tech and ecommerce brand with over 150 employees. With operations in France, Spain, the UK, Italy and Spain, they still go as fast as lightning. As a motivated and passionate team they offer a variety of printing products and they show why print is everything but boring.

Rapid growth


Nick Goudriaan was one the dreamers. As a co-founder and Head of Product & Producers he is responsible for suppliers among other things. He explains that Helloprint is a platform that works with several printing suppliers within The Netherlands and abroad. Because of an ambition that would lead to international growth, they were in the search of a supplier that fit their needs. Nick decided to use his network during his search, and he and his companions found RPI. Both the Eindhoven location and RPI’s global activities were more than appealing. “For us as a business, international logistics start in Eindhoven. From there we can service our customers in all of Europe.”

The future

In the meanwhile, a big part of Helloprint’s international printing products are being produced in Eindhoven. The company still has big plans on a global level. Besides in Eindhoven, RPI has printing facilities in the USA (Atlanta and Seattle). Nick wishes to make use of the US facilities in the future for Helloprint production. That would mean that the partnership intensifies. “I hope for both of our companies that we continue this partnership as it is. That we keep focus on the market and our relationship. From that point of view we can make necessary adjustments together.”

Long term partnership

When Nick first set foot in the Eindhoven facility, he was pleasantly surprised. Especially the thorough approach of producing and the way quality is guaranteed caught his attention. These aspects were decisive in choosing RPI as a printing partner. “Of course the rest of the picture including pricing was also complete.” Both parties see the importance of a long term relationship. Helloprint’s strategy is to build relationships slowly. “Whenever a supplier proves itself concerning quality, we choose to increase volumes. RPI delivered from the very beginning.”

Meanwhile the partnership almost hits the 2 year mark and both parties are satisfied with it. One of the advantages for Helloprint is the way RPI thinks along when it comes to product innovation and services. Nick can present a problem he has and RPI gives it the attention needed. He experiences high involvement and both parties look for solutions. “This way of working shows that RPI considers the partnership equally important. They do not always just say yes to our ideas. They think them through first.” Nick emphasizes that the human aspect is also an important factor within the partnership. There has to be a good atmosphere. Having fun together, undertaking things together and growing together is also key. The Rotterdam born businessman says that all of this is the case.

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