Tier III Tech Support Intern

Position Summary

The production support engineer will work with the customer service, QA, and multiple development teams to ensure orders are completed in production. This will require working with a wide range of technologies and groups on a daily basis, and the ability to manage one’s own work queue.

Technical Skillsets

  • Strong understanding of at least one OOP language
  • PHP, JavaScript, and C#/Java strongly preferred
  • Strong SQL skills with a general understanding of RDBMS systems
  • SQLServer, and MYSQL experience preferred
  • Experience working with Data Access Objects (requirement is technology agnostic)
  • Comfortable manipulating production data
  • Requests will require the production support engineer to manipulate production data that can have system wide ramifications
  • Ability to think ahead and have plans to rollback changes if they do not resolve an issue (or cause another malfunction)
  • Comfortable working in a production server environment
  • Experience in Linux, and shell scripting preferred
  • Comfortable working in Microsoft Windows Server a plus
  • Experience running and debugging local web server environments
  • Debugging projects, and understanding basic build technologies (such as ANT) will be necessary to complete requests from customer service
  • Experience with the Amazon Web Services a plus
  • Ability to understand the flow of data and how systems interact within the organization

General Skillsets

  • Ability to multitask requests from various sources
  • Self-motivation, and the ability to prioritize one’s own work queue.
  • High priority requests will be coming from multiple teams
  • The ability to make decisions on which request is most important, or the most efficient order to solve issues
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Much of the work will be done by communicating directly with customer service to field requests
  • Requests will range from customer service representatives speaking directly with customers, to directors within the organization.
  • The ability to communicate so people of various technical abilities can understand production issues, and make informed decisions on how to move forward
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Working with QA, Development, and Customer Service on a daily basis is common

How to Apply

Please send cover letter and resume to jobs@rpiprint.com