Production Supervisor- Bookline/Cardline/Commercial

Job Summary

The role of the Production Supervisor is to oversee day to day floor operations by taking ownership of his/her shift. The Production Supervisor manages the communication between the Production Manager and the Production Team. It is imperative that this employee be adept at balancing quality and productivity demands, while maintaining a positive attitude, and modeling RPI’s values. The Production Supervisor is responsible for the shift’s performance and compliance with established procedures.

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Work with Production Manager to provide consistent and well documented training for production employees.
  • Oversees the daily workflow of the floor.
  • Coach and mentor all production employees including leads, holding them accountable for their performance; providing both positive and corrective feedback.
  • Create fair and equal accountability across all employees, including attendance, expectations, processes, and policy.
  • Process payroll each pay period ensuring paid time off and absences are recorded, and hours are accurate for employees.
  • Conduct annual performance reviews for production employees.


  • Assess performance on a daily basis to ensure that employee performance and production KPI’s are met, including such things as:
  • SLA
  • Reprint Rate
  • Labor management
  • Productivity
  • Make sure that operator-level maintenance and quality procedures are followed
  • Provide regular reporting of results and status to production manager
  • Communicate effectively between and within organizational levels.
  • Giving clear expectations and directions to your team.
  • Rotate employees throughout the facility to make sure the work flow is constant
  • Provide a safe workplace that complies with all RPI and OSHA standards
  • Work productively with other shifts and departments
  • Maintain a clean shop
  • Must be able to keep a professional attitude with your team at all times
  • Identify production issues or opportunities for workflow changes, and participate in implementing improvements
  • Be flexible and available at a moment’s notice to reduce or extend hours as needed or directed
  • Other duties as required

Leadership Expectations:

  • Be self-managed and able to make independent decisions
  • Act professionally always
  • Be able to prioritize daily work activities
  • Promote the importance of product quality as the job of all employees
  • Ensure that new processes are being communicated and followed up to manage quality and continuity
  • Delegate appropriately, assigning tasks and sharing authority but also following up and taking responsibility as needed
  • Develop and cross train all employees in multiple departments, functions and machines
  • Always alert Management when there is a deviation from plans, and to do so while there is still time to take corrective action.
  • Ensure that housekeeping standards are met, and following shift is set up for success
  • Support management direction and initiatives as if they were your own, while also providing open and constructive feedback
  • Constantly strive to improve previous results
  • Always be tactful and professional when discussing uncomfortable subjects with employees (i.e. pace, training, quality concerns, attendance and policies)
  • Always exhibit positive leadership

Required Skills/Abilities

  • Effective and respectful communication skills – written and verbal
  • Microsoft office suite, specifically outlook and excel
  • Strong organizational skills

Experience and Experience

  • High School education or equivalent
  • Minimum two years of working experience as lead or supervisor in a manufacturing environment (preferably a print environment)
  • Exposure to Lean, 6 sigma or other process improvement methodologies preferred

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to stand and walk for extended periods
  • Work within a moderately loud environment
  • Able to grasp, reach, stoop
  • Able to see color quality and inspect quality
  • Ability to lift 40 lbs.

How to Apply

Please send your cover letter and resume to Michelle Moore at