Automated Test Engineer

Company Summary

Blurb® (based in San Francisco) is a book-making platform and creative community that enables individuals to create, publish, share and sell high-quality photo books, trade books, and magazines in both print and digital formats. We are proudly a division of RPI (headquartered in Seattle) who deliver personalized digital printing services for businesses around the world. Blurb is accessible to consumers across the globe with free, innovative book creation and layout tools. Founded in 2005, Blurb has over 2 million customers worldwide, resulting in over 4 million unique book titles, with nearly 18 million units shipped to almost 100 countries around the world.

The Team

The QA team works closely with our Developers and Product Managers to ensure we deliver only the highest quality products and experiences to our customers. We are responsible for ensuring that any new code or updates to existing code doesn’t introduce any unexpected bugs and that we continue to deliver a top-tier experience to our customers. We accomplish this through robust automated regression testing and performing open ended manual tests that touch the flows customers will experience. We practice agile and scrum methodologies to keep our projects on track. The QA team bends and shifts as needed to support the needs of every team.

Position Summary

As an automated test engineer of the QA team, you will be primarily tasked with working alongside our Platform team as their QA resource to ensure the health of newly delivered code and APIs - as well maintain our robust API-Test repository. You will need to understand how services work and how to test services at both an individual level - as well during the flow of handoffs. You will also be tasked with writing new / maintaining Selenium Web-Tests for our backend facing Admin tools. Our test automation repositories are written in Ruby, so you will need to have a grasp on Ruby for this role.

As a secondary task, you will need to be able to step in and support our frontend team with manual and automated testing on a need-by-need basis. You will be expected to familiarize yourself with our Jenkins pipelines and help support production deployments, as well maintain the health of a number of our test automation pipelines.

Additionally, you will also be expected to be a resource for our DevOps team to work with to ensure system stability and environmental health during system upgrades.


  • Writing new API regression tests for new features
  • Maintaining and updating existing regression RESTful API-Tests
  • Writing new Selenium regression tests for new features
  • Manual testing of backend updates
  • Maintaining and updating existing regression Web-Tests
  • Manual testing of frontend updates
  • Participation in Platform on-call rotation (week-long shifts)
  • Updating and building Jenkins jobs, tasks and pipelines as needed


  • Experience with RESTful API Testing
  • Experience with web GUI automation tools such as Selenium
  • A firm grasp of writing tests and scripts in Ruby
  • Familiarization with reading Java code / Java stack trace
  • Basic knowledge in writing SQL queries
  • Experience with Jenkins or similar CI/CD automation delivery tools
  • Familiarity with shell scripting
  • Exceptionally detail-oriented
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Masterful of writing reproduction steps for bugs
  • Experience working in non-production developer test environments
  • Experience with reading logs and an understanding of stack-trace
  • Knowledgeable of backend systems
  • Experience working in an agile methodology
  • Results-oriented and proactive
  • The drive to complete each task with the fullest integrity for quality
  • Positive attitude, collaborative, and a team player
  • B.S. Computer Science or equivalent skills and knowledge

Work Experience

  • 3+ years of experience writing RESTful test automation
  • Experience having helped launched major projects to a live customer base
  • Some experience utilizing VM environments and automated environment configuration systems
  • Experience creating full life cycle test plans, templates, and strategies

Work Environment

This is a full-time position. Due to the pandemic, employees are currently working from home full-time. We hope to move back into working from an office setting when the time is right. We're looking to hire people located in or around San Francisco California or Seattle Washington.

How to Apply

Please email resume and cover letter to