RPI's commitment to sustainability

At RPI, we believe in the commitments we make. We strive to build meaningful relationships and provide excellent service, and we equally respect our commitment to sustainability. For us, RPI's success is not only about our financial health, but also about our environmental footprint, and the wellbeing of our employees.

Sustainability is ingrained in our mindset

Sustainability is an integral element of our company's long-term strategy. We set actionable goals and commit to continuous improvement to make RPI more sustainable, financially sound, and advantageous to our clients.


Paper is our vital resource and our inspiration. The circularity, efficiency, and constant innovation of the paper manufacturing process is our blueprint for a sustainable company. And it starts with paper. Our choice of paper suppliers ensures that our products are printed on high quality and sustainably sourced, certified paper.

No waste

Print on demand reduces waste by allowing businesses to print only what they need. For RPI, that is not enough. Through years of data collection and test trials, we optimized our production process to minimize mistakes. Consequently, we conserve the resources and energy necessary to fix them.

Sustainable connections

RPI is only as sustainable as our partners. We choose suppliers and shippers that maintain high sustainability standards. We also believe that cooperation is a way to sustainability. We invest in partnerships with independent printing companies to offer our clients global and sustainable solutions.

Robust culture

We cultivate an egalitarian company culture based on inclusion, balanced employment, and growth. We invest in all our employees, whether they are executives or machine operators. Their expertise and ideas help us make our processes more efficient and sustainable.

Conscious consumption

For us, quality personalized products are not only the future of print but also a sustainable choice. We cooperate with businesses that offer their customers meaningful and durable print products. Products that we make require creative effort and have sentimental value to their designers. It is not something customers would buy and throw away the following day. And even if that was the case, our products are fully recyclable.

It's a journey

A journey that RPI started when the company went into the print-on-demand business. But we keep setting new goals. We work towards a more sustainable supply chain, a greener office, and a more diverse global network of printing partners.

RPI Europe granted an FSCĀ® Chain of Custody Certification for its paper products.

From April 2022, all paper products at RPI Europe are certified to bear the prestigious mark of responsible forestry.

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RPI Europe granted an FSCĀ® Chain of Custody Certification for its paper products.

Our Mission to Reduce Plastic in Production

Reducing plastic is a global project involving RPI facilities and prInternet partners aimed to minimize the use of plastic in our supply chains, production processes, and packaging.

In November 2021, RPI Europe removed the plastic from the packaging of personalized photo books produced in Eindhoven. Hanneke Boon, the project lead RPI Europe, talks about the process, the results, and the next steps for RPI Europe.

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Our Mission to Reduce Plastic in Production

Sustainability Leads

An interview with Rick Bellamy, our CEO, and Bjorn van Hammond, Manager of Supply Chain & Innovation about RPI's commitment to sustainability.

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Sustainability Leads

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