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So what is it exactly that we do? The answer is easy. We deliver personalized digital printing services for businesses around the world. Our passion is digital printing, but what we find equally important is building a relationship with our customers. Making real connections. Choosing RPI for your printing work means starting a partnership. A partnership that helps your business a step ahead and unburdens you. From IT to print and from warehousing to shipping. To make sure you can do what you do best: running your business. Just leave the rest to us.

White label

As a white label manufacturer, we produce personalized printing products with only your name on them. We comfortably operate behind the scenes, where we are always available to answer questions and assisting you where needed.

Everything to help your brand and the relationship with your customer grow stronger. We have been doing this for over 40 years from our facilities in North America (Seattle, Atlanta and Rochester) and Europe (Eindhoven, The Netherlands). We also have connections ready for you in New Zealand and Australia.

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Highly accurate
Fully customized

Global team

We are a global organization with close cooperation between all of our facilities and partners. You may ask yourself how that works from different countries with different cultures and time zones. We share our passion for the printing game. This ensures that we understand each other, speak the same language, regardless of our backgrounds.

Diversity is important to us. It brings out the best in everything and everyone. That is why our staff consists of people with different nationalities, personalities and cultures. All selected with care to fit into our journey. We are convinced that diversity is the foundation of a great team that strives for the best possible results. This makes us proud of what we achieve together.

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With scalable, automated workflows and a wide range of printing and finishing equipment, RPI’s solutions manufacture high quality products for you and your customers.


All over the world

With facilities in Europe and North America and printing partners in North America and Oceania, RPI provides local knowledge with global experience. Contact us to discuss your printing project.

Dating back to


RPI Seattle

Barry Reischling starts his own commercial print business in Seattle to produce legal documents and software manuals.

Private Label Manufacturing

The company sells commercial print division and shifts exclusively to private label manufacturing for e-commerce companies.

PARO Eindhoven

RPI Acquires Paro to expand global distribution of personalized products into the UK and EU market.

DPI Atlanta

RPI Acquires DPI to expanding US distribution and providing 1 to 3 day ground delivery.

Global Distribution Platform

GDP expansion in North America, Australia and Western Europe.

ColorCentric, Picaboo.com, and prInternet™

Keep an eye on us! There will be some great events and projects this year! RPI acquires ColorCentric, Picaboo.com, and prInternet™ businesses from SoftPrint Holdings, expanding its product offerings and increasing its geographic footprint

Blurb acquisition

RPI accelerates strategy to become global leader of personalized print solutions with acquisition of Blurb® This acquisition extends RPI’s overall strategy to offer a full suite of services and e-commerce platform solutions to businesses around the world.

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