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Mobile Photography Connects The World

Mobile photography is revolutionizing the way we capture and preserve our memories

A picture today is still worth a thousand words and tomorrow, that picture may be worth a billion.

Brett Eddy

By Brett Eddy

RPI recognizes that photography has the power to make real connections: brand to customer, today to tomorrow, human heart to human heart.  We also recognize that the photo device landscape is undergoing a rapid evolution, all brought on by that little computer in our pockets and purses – the smartphone.

The excellent article “Mobile is Eating the World” cites mind-blowing statistics:

  • 1999 – 80 billion consumer photos taken on film
  • 2014 – 800 billion photos shared on social networks
  • More iPhones and Android phones were sold in the last year than Japanese cameras ever

The sensor quality improvements of cameras in phones have dramatically outpaced the improvements in traditional DSLRs. Professional photographers and committed amateurs will always spend the big dollars on the newest bodies and powerful, fast lenses – the traditional photography market is not going to implode anytime soon.

What is different and disruptive are three tectonic shifts:   Access, Connectivity, and the Social Graph

The modern smartphone is packed with powerful photographic capabilities, it is always in our pockets and almost everyone has one.  Since our broadband cellular networks are powerful in North America, Europe, and EMEA, each smartphone has the ability to post, share, and transmit large, rich files – especially photos.

Facebook, just before achieving the 2nd largest IPO in human history, acquired the mobile startup Instagram for $1 Billion US.  Mobile photography was at the core of this acquisition.  The writer states:

“At the end of day, Facebook is all about sharing photos. Instagram is all about sharing mobile photos.”

With today’s smartphones, we are able to share ideas, places, foods, events, and special moments through the immediate connectivity provided by the Social Graph – that global network that stitches us together through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and hundreds of other social networks.

By connecting the special moments captured on our mobile devices to the power of high-impact print, photography can connect us in meaningful and tangible ways.  No longer is a phone “just a phone” – it is the device that captures what is most important in our daily lives.

A picture today is still worth a thousand words and tomorrow, that picture may be worth a billion.


For an informative and educational infographic, see  Pocketography: the democratization of photography.


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