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How Digital Photography Opened New Markets

...In a world where everything is connected, personalization is an expectation.

It’s hard to imagine, but there was a time that photography was only analog. After taking the 24 or 36 photos, the film roll was full and the waiting began: Will the photos look good? After all, the pictures needed to be developed in a dark room with no possibility to assess them on a screen or device in advance.

Steve Sasson developed the first digital photo camera for Kodak in 1975, and the world of imaging changed tremendously. While this first digital camera had a resolution of 0.1 megapixels and used a cassette tape as a storage medium, it proved to be that an important development was put in motion. In the mid-nineties digital photography became affordable for a broader audience and gained more and more popularity. Nowadays, the majority of people hold a powerful camera in their pocket. A resolution of 12 megapixels or more is no exception for smartphones in 2016. And we are all connected!

Not only did digital photography take a leap in recent years, it also opened new markets. Thanks to developments in photography, software applications, and digital production methods, it became much easier to create and order photo merchandise products. Whether it be books, cards, calendars, wall décor or gifts, the possibilities continue to grow. And in a world where everything is connected, personalization is an expectation. The unique ability of tangible, tactile and engaging print products serves to preserve memories and connect in ways that are personal, meaningful and permanent.

At RPI, we are proud to be part of this industry as a business-to-business provider of printed photo merchandise. We know first-hand that consumer-created photo products enable people to preserve memories and connect in ways that digital images never will. We do not believe that digital will replace the tangible. In fact, both will reinforce each other, leading to great new applications in the future.

The RPI Team Will Be At Photokina

Meet the RPI team at photokina (www.photokina.com), the world’s largest trade fair for the photographic and imaging industry, 20 through 25 September in Cologne, Germany.

Please contact us via email: photomerchandise@rpiprint.com

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